My Vision

Success is not only measured by what you know but by who you know. Making connections with others while attending a University is very important. It can lead from simply making friends to receiving various internship and job opportunities Many students struggle with making these connections and Student Connect was created to help solve this issue. Not everyone is an extrovert and can easily make face-to-face connections. An introvert could have a brilliant idea, but too much anxiety to pitch it to a room of people. With my application, they could just post it online, and students from their school could see it, provide feedback, or ask to work with them. Student Connect is a place for students to connect with and help each other. Whether it is for homework, selling textbooks, finding partners to work with on a project, or simply making friends.

Meet The Creator

Student Connect was an app designed by students for students. It was created by a group of students from the University of Texas at Dallas. I am Christian Webster, the mastermind behind the idea and creator of this site. Throughout my time at UTD, I have always felt that I missed out on many networking opportunities, due to my introverted nature in new social situations. I have generally avoided school events and meeting classmates unless I was forced to do so. I have noticed that many other students are the same way, which has turned classroom group projects into silent and awkward situations. I have always thrived in an online environment and wanted to create a way for students to connect with each other regardless of their social behaviours.

Watch how Student Connect has changed the lives of Students from Columbia and Harvard!