Want To Make Some Extra $$$?

Ways to Earn Some Extra Income With Student Connect

1. For Sale Page

The for sale page is a great way to clean out your dorm or apartment and earn some extra cash in the process. Instead of letting your old textbook or phone sit and collect dust, post it for sale on the app. Posting your item on other for sale apps can be difficult because you have to meet up with someone in the area, and we know that many students do not have vehicles. Selling on Amazon or eBay requires listing fees and the shipping costs. Posting your items on Student Connect saves time and money because the buyer is on the same campus as you. Also, we allow you to list all items for free. We take a small 5% commission on all sales with a maximum of $10 earned on our end. The fee is automatically added to the list price and does not affect the seller in any way. As a buyer, you may ask yourself, “why can’t I just Venmo the seller to avoid the small price markup?” Well, you could always do that, but there is always a high risk of getting scammed. We encourage everyone to use our system for security purposes. All money received from sales is held in escrow to ensure that both the seller and buyer are completed satisfied with the transaction they made. Escrow will automatically release in 48 hours, or as soon as both parties chose to release it. This allows time for product delivery and testing. If you have any questions or need assistance with a transaction, our support team will gladly assist you.

 2. Service Page

Are you knowledgeable in a certain area and want an easy way to make some extra money? Offer to tutor someone or help them with their homework. You could get paid just to sit at home and help answer math questions. Services do not just have to be limited to academics either. Say you are bored on a Saturday night and don’t have any money to go out. Someone on campus could be asking for help moving furniture, and are willing to pay you for your time. Services don’t always have to be paid either. You could have an awesome project idea and could make a post looking for people to collaborate with. This page will be great for networking. The possibilities are limitless!

3. Join Our Affiliate Program

Our application is only successful if a bunch of students from each university use it. You earn a commission on all monetary transactions from users who register using your affiliate link. Joining the affiliate program is easy. All you have to do is download the app and navigate to your profile page. The link will be there!